The experience teaching diverse groups of undergraduate and postgraduate students has reinforced two convictions in me, as an instructor and philosopher. First, a central aim of higher education is, or should be, to prepare individuals to address pressing real-world issues. Second, the ability to navigate and respond appropriately to diversity makes for more rigorous and fruitful philosophical work. I am therefore committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in my work as a researcher, instructor, and member of the academic community more broadly.

To this end, my primary goal as an instructor is therefore to promote the classroom conditions under which these outcomes can occur. In my experience, this means ensuring that each student feels enlivened by the intellectual activity in our class, empowered to speak up and effectively grapple with challenging material alongside others, and is equipped with the analytical and social skills needed to co-create such an inclusive learning environment that promotes all students' academic and personal success. 

Primary Instructor:

Introduction to Ethics (Spring 2020; Rutgers)

Bioethics (Fall 2019; Bilkent)

Moral Psychology (Spring 2019; Bilkent)

Teaching Assistant:

Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud (Duke)

Ancient Philosophy (Duke)

Introduction to Philosophy (Duke)

Bioethics (Tufts, X2)

Feminist Philosophy (Tufts)

Please feel free to contact me for syllabi, teaching evaluations, or any other questions about my pedagogical approach.