My goal in teaching is to create the conditions under which each student feels intellectually enlivened and empowered to speak up and grapple with challenging material in conversation—a key part of doing philosophy. I also strive to ensure that students are positioned to exercise important analytical and social skills, required to engage with complex issues constructively as part of a diverse group. My hope is that they can draw on these skills in their future professional pursuits, whether in academia or beyond. 

Primary Instructor:

Gender and Philosophy (TBD due to COVID-19; Duke)

Introduction to Ethics (Spring 2020; Rutgers)

Bioethics (Fall 2019; Bilkent)

Moral Psychology (Spring 2019; Bilkent)

Teaching Assistant:

Ancient Philosophy (Spring 2018; Duke)

Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2017; Duke)

Bioethics (Spring 2016; Tufts)

Feminist Philosophy (Fall 2015; Tufts)

Bioethics (Spring 2015; Tufts)